September Newsletter

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Major anniversaries coming up this month are:

Maria Callas as Tosca (died 16 September 1977) 00086491

Jean Sibelius, Finnish national composer (died 20th September 1957) 00001975

Philip Glass ‘ 70th birthday year, with a special season at the London Barbican 00002563

Wolf Suschitzky, 95 year old Viennese born photographer, continues to expand his portfolio with Lebrecht :

Charing Cross book stall in the mid-1930s – searching for a bargain 00090570

Victoria Bus Station 1939 – do they know they are waiting for a war? 00090508

San Francisco Tram 1958 00090510

We regularly cover theatre outside London:

2007 Edinburgh Festival smash hit production of Euripides’ The Bacchae. Directed by John tiffany. Photograph by Tristram Kenton 00090567

Twelfth Night by Shakespeare at the Chichester Festival. Photography by Tristram Kenton 00090497

Back to the past with Neil Simon’s premiere Broadway production of Brighton Beach Memoirs. 00090516

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Kate Royal, popular new English soprano. Photograph by Mark Harrison. 00090439

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