Lebrecht Music & Arts in New York

Lebrecht Music and Arts are getting ready for their annual trip to Picturehouse New York, taking place on October 24th in The Puck Building.

At stand 71, in the popular spot next to the buffet, Lebrecht Music and Arts will be catching up with long-time contacts and meeting new clients from all the different industries that use the library – publishers, advertising agencies, university presses, orchestras, calendar and greeting card companies and many, many more.

At Picturehouse, Elbie Lebrecht will be unveiling our latest venture: representation of a treasure trove of Italian and French museum collections connected to all our main subject areas of MUSIC, LITERATURE, HISTORY, and FINE ARTS.

Niccolo Machiavelli - painting by Santi di Tito. #89994. © Leemage/Lebrecht Music & Arts .Bayeux tapestry  - William the Conqueror. # 89966. © Leemage/Lebrecht Music & Arts.‘J’accuse’ - Émile Zola’s letter. # 89631. © Leemage/Lebrecht Music & Arts.

The collection ranges from well-known favourite paintings, to historically significant and rarely seen photographs, and a broad selection of associated memorabilia

Elbie Lebrecht will be in New York and Chicago for the whole week, meeting our valued US clients and photographers – and catching up on the late night jazz scene in Chicago while she is there!

Come and visit us on stand 71 at Picturehouse.



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