Lebrecht February 2008 Newsletter

 This month we have tripled the amount of new images that we are putting online. Send us your feedback on whether you can find the material you need for your searches on our website or where you have found gaps.Your responses helps us develop this website.This month we have added new popular music images from Dosfotos – search their name on www.lebrecht.co.uk to see a larger selection of their vibrant and resonating photograhs 95018_basement-jaxx.jpg           

Basement Jaxx at the XI Festival Internacional de Benicassim   #95018                                  


Marcus Intalex deejaying at RAM Records in The End #95533

Graphics Ready to go – Lebrecht compiles composer collages for up and coming anniversaries.

 Ralph Vaughan Williams                            94385_giacomo-puccini.jpg

Ralph Vaughan Williams                           Giacommo Puccini

Oscar Vila Nieto                                     Oscar Vila Nieto

Basic BALLET positions done seriously as photographs by Jason Temple and also drawn by him as humorous illustrations


94232_ballet-positions.jpg                     92889_plie-a-bending-of-the-knees-in-any-of.jpg            

   First position                                    Plié

      #94232                                    #92889

Awesome interiors of great concert halls and opera houses.
94881_opera-garnier-interior.jpg                    84880_proms-40-view-of-the-concert-hall-with.jpg
Opera Garnier stage                  Royal Albert Hall during the Proms
(E.Mahoudeau)  #94881  
          (C.Christodoulou)  #84880  

May 2008 is the 40th anniversary of May 1968 in France and the demonstrations between the police and students.


May 1968

We are overwhelmed with anniversaries this month:75 th birth date anniversary of Nina Simone, the American blues and jazz singer, born on 21st February, 193356206_nina-simone-singing-1971-american-jaz.jpg
Nina Simone

200th birth date of Honoré Daumier, French caricaturist on 26th February 1808.
25th death anniversary of Adrian Boult, British conductor on 22nd February 1983

25th death anniversary of American playwright Tennessee Williams on 25th February 1983
Look out for 100th birth date anniversary of Herbert von Karajan, German conductor on 5th April 1908.

Tennessee Williams         Herbert von Karajan
      (NYPL)                  (Siegfried Lauterwasser)
#65184                               #64371


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