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Charles Darwin has been in the news in the UK with the launch of Richard Dawkins’ television programme and book about Darwin’s research.  This has caused a considerable furore in newspaper columns and blogs  as Darwins’ position is strongly anit-religion.
Lebrecht holds a rarely seen painting of Charles Darwin by George Richmond from 1840, plus a manuscript in his handwriting.  For recent photos of Richard Dawkins search on
 Charles Darwin portrait

Charles Darwin portrait


Lebrecht Book of the Week 11th August, 2008

Samuel Johnson: a biography by Peter Martin:

Johnson was a towering figure in 18th century English literature, as author, essayist, novelist, literary critic, lexicographer.  He was the subject of one of the most celebrated biographies in English literature ‘Life of Samuel Johnson’ by James Boswell’. Search on our website at for more portraits, manuscripts, places he lived in and colleagues he met with in the coffee houses of London.

Samuel Johnson

Samuel Johnson

Lebrecht August 2008 Newsletter

The Lebrecht garden party this year will be on Thursday, 28th August at 6.30 pm. John Haynes, theatre photographer, famous for his iconic Samuel Beckett photos, will be in conversation about his work with journalist, novelist and broadcaster Norman Lebrecht. They will be discussing ‘The theatrical world in photographs’ . Looking forward to seeing you – there will be the usual scrumptious cakes, seasonal fruit and wine.

Hamlet is news in the UK at the moment as British sci-fi actor David Tennant quits his television blockbuster role of Dr Who to return to the stage as Hamlet with the Royal Shakespeare Theatre Company at Stratford upon Avon.
The combination of television personality and Shakespeare has resulted in a complete sell-out of seats.

The next heart throb actor to attempt the Hamlet role will be Jude Law in 2009.

Jude Law #109172

Jude Law #109172

The Tragicall Histoire of Hamlet Prince of Denmark #101460

'The Tragicall Histoire of Hamlet Prince of Denmark' #101460

Famous Hamlets at Lebrecht range from Henry Irving, Moissi, Josef Kainz, Laurence Olivier, John Gielgud, Richard Burton, Jonathan Pryce , Samuel West, plus early manuscripts and engravings. Search under ‘Hamlet’ on for even more actors and artists who have immortalized this classic role.

Jonathan Pryce, Royal Court Theatre 1980 #103296  John Gielgud

Jonathan Pryce, Royal Court Theatre 1980 #103296 John Gielgud

John Gielgud 1944 #62719

John Gielgud 1944 #62719

Jonathan Pryce, Royal Court Theatre 1980 #103296

Jonathan Pryce, Royal Court Theatre 1980 #103296


Ralph Vaughan Williams, English composer’s 50th anniversary of his death on 26th August 1958.

Georges Braque, French artist’s 45th death anniversary 31st August, 1963

Thomas Gainsborough (JC Bach) #86607

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