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John Haynes at Lebrecht Garden Party

John Haynes, theatre photographer for over 40 years and represented exclusively by Lebrecht, enthralled his audience at the annual Lebrecht Garden Party with his experiences in the Royal Court Theatre and other theatre companies. He worked with the cutting edge writers, directors and actors of British theatre in in this era.

His career began working backstage at the Royal Court Theatre and he gradually began to be involved in photography. By slow trial and error he taught himself how to photograph with limited light, using a Leica. After a few years stint at the Sunday Times photographing politicians, feature stories and enjoying the life of a newspaper photographer he returned to the Royal Court as their photographer. At that time huge photographs of the actors would be exhibited alongside the box office and directors of the plays would llook over all the material that he photographed and be involved in the selection process.

The world was a less pressured place and John explained how he would first watch a play being performed, make copious notes and then decide which dramatic high points he would come back to focus on. A great luxury compared with how theatre photographers work today – but the thought that went into these black and white photographs is very evident and that is what makes them such strong and lasting images. The photographs of theatrical icons are powerful and highly sought by picture researchers. John Haynes’ images are well known worldwide, particularly his Samuel Beckett portraits against a black backdrop. Everyone was curious to know what Beckett was like to work with and talk to.

John Haynes is also well known for his series of photos of R D Laing, radical British psychiatrist who wrote ‘The Divided Self’ in 1960. He explained that he knew him very well and lived in his house for a year while Laing was involved with finding out about Bhuddism and based himself in Sri Lanka.

In a digital age picture research often becomes very removed from the acts of creation involved in making photographs and it is a great privilege to have someone who has spent his life involved in this process remind us of how great pictures are made .

Photographs by © Joe Wong


Irene Nemirovsky at Lebrecht Photo Library

Irene Nemirovsky’s new book ‘All our Worldly Goods’ has been translated from the 1947 French edition and will be published on 2nd October in the UK. Contact Lebrecht for author photo and example of handwritten manuscript. Download at or contact 0207625 5341.

Lebrecht September 2008 Newsletter

The Lebrecht Garden Party will take place on Wednesday 17th September – please note the new date. We are looking forward to seeing you then. John Haynes, theatre photographer, famous for his work at the Royal Court Theatre and for being part of the world of theatre for 40 years, will be in conversation about his work with journalist, novelist and broadcaster Norman Lebrecht.

Here is a preview of some of his work:

Lebrecht is proud to announce that it now represents the doyen of rock celebrity photographers from the 1970s and 1980s, Joe Bangay. His fabulous photos are now available at

Author Pictures at Lebrecht was launched late spring and we have continued to expand our collections for this new area. We are amassing an international collection of book illustrations:

September anniversaries: – (pix available on

Horatio Nelson, English sailor and officer, famous for the Battle of Trafalgar – 250th birth anniversary on 29th September.

Jeno Hubay, Hungarian violinist – 150th birth annniversary on 15th September

Oliver Cromwell, English politican and leader of England – 350th death anniversary 3rd September

Pablo de Sarasate, Spanish violinist and composer – 100th death anniversary 28th September

Exclusive Lebrecht pictures from the Proms 2nd September, 2008

Sir Simon Rattle conducting the Berliner Philharmoniker in Messiaen’s Turangalila Symphony in Prom 64, Royal Albert Hall, London, 2008

Sir Simon Rattle

Sir Simon Rattle