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OBITS PICS from LEBRECHT: MAURICE MURPHY, British first trumpet player of the LSO (London Symphony Orchestra), 1935-2010

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NEWS PICS: What will be the future of MGM? – The famous MGM LION’S ROAR BEING RECORDED, circa 1920s-30s, from LEBRECHT

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Do you know what these two pictures have in common?


Early music fans on the internet think they are both portraits of Thomas Morley, the English composer (1557/1558 – 1602).

The Lebrecht Music & Arts early music specialist has identifed the first image as one of his contemporaries, John Bull (1562/1563 – 1628), and the second as a drawing from around 1600 with the costume indicating an Italian, rather than an English, source.

Write to the Lebrecht Music & Arts Blog with any other musical misnomers that you have found on the internet.

CHARLES DICKENS collection of images for forthcoming 200th BIRTH ANNIVERSARY

In preparation for the momentous 200th birth anniversary of Charles Dickens in 2012, AUTHOR PICTURES AT LEBRECHT has been amassing an exhaustive collection of images relating to the author, his life and the characters of his novels. To view a selection of portraits, illustrations and landmarks in the writer’s life, please click on the image below:

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OBITUARY PICS from LEBRECHT: VERA ROZSA, Hungarian singer, voice teacher and vocal consultant, 6 May 1917 – 15 October 2010

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OBITUARY PICS from LEBRECHT: TOM BOSLEY, American actor, 1 October 1927 – 19 October 2010

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Rare images of Fela Kuti

In anticipation of the much praised musical Fela! opening at the National Theatre in London on the 6th November 2010, Lebrecht Photo Library has newly acquired some very rare photographs of the great musician and pioneer of Afrobeat Fela Kuti, relaxing at home in Lagos with his many wives in 1978. Taken by the photographer Mike Wells.

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