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Anniversaries 2009

2009 is an amazing year for anniversaries in all our specialist areas of music, performing arts, and author pictures.

Outstanding photographs  are available at plus paintings and illustrations of composers, writers and singers at work. Classical music and performing arts anniversaries include composers Handel (German-English composer),
Haydn (Austrian composer),
Purcell (English composer),
Martinu (Czech composer),
Mendelssohn (German composer)
Albeniz (Spanish composer)
Billie Holiday (American blues and jazz singer)
Ballets Russes centenary (ballet company based in Paris) – a great opportunity to use beautiful illustrations.
Author anniversaries include Alfred,
Nikolai Gogol (Russian author),
Lord Tennyson (English poet) ,
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (English detective author) –  creator of the opium smoking detective Sherlock Holmes
Charles Darwin (English biologist, scientist and philosopher)
Samuel Johnson (English journalist and author).
Updates of more anniversaries to come.


We are proud to launch our new website, the first picture source dedicated to authors and literatures of all periods, languages and styles. contains thousands of images of authors and their works.  By author we mean everyone who has ever written a book for publication – whether novelist or historian, poet or politician, playwright or  philosopher.
The collection, already extensive, is growing week by week.  As ever, Lebrecht offers a unique, in-depth approach to the life and work of every writer.  If you cannot find what you are looking for, please contact us at

Your log-in and password for can be used for downloading from The websites are linked and you can move easily from one to the other.

As usual, Lebrecht will provide an in-depth product and images that you cannot find everywhere else on the internet. If you cannot find the image you are looking for do contact us as we can call on our many sources of supply for the image you need.

Our opening feature focusses on Sir Arnold Wesker,  the internationally renowned British playwright, novelist, essayist and poet,  who turns 76 on May 24. Famous for his  1950s trilogy, Chicken Soup with Barley, Roots and I’m Talking about Jerusalem, Sir Arnold he has written 42 plays and has just published a new collection of poetry and is staging his first opera in Tokyo. He has kindly allowed us to scan samples of his manuscripts  on


What’s special about the 23rd April 2008?

It is the 392nd anniversary of the death of national playwrights William Shakespeare and Miguel de Cervantes.
Both died on the same date in 1616 (however, due to the different calendars used in England and Spain at the time, there is actually a 10 day discrepancy between their deaths).