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Welcome to the Lebrecht Music & Arts January 2011 Newsletter
Happy New Year! We hope you all enjoyed the holidays. We are very excited to be welcoming in 2011 with the launch of our new collection – Art Images at Lebrecht.
To celebrate our unveiling of, we have chosen a detail from Titian’s dramatic painting, Bacchus and Ariadne, as our header design. It is one of many spectacular paintings by the Renaissance master that we now hold in our archive.

Art Images at Lebrecht

Lebrecht Music & Arts has launched a new website –   a specialist archive for art and artists. carries extensive coverage of Russian, French, Italian and British art – many of these images of paintings, sculptures, posters, caricatures are rarely seen, some are so well known they have become a backdrop to the modern world.

These paintings complement the music and literary fields that Lebrecht has been active in for 18 years.


Detail from the personification of Spring and the nymph Chloris by Sandro Botticelli (1445-1510)


January 2011 Anniversaries


Coco Chanel, French fashion designer, 40th death anniversary on 10 January



Alfred Brendel, Anglo-Austrian pianist, 80th birthday on 5 January


Literature Anniversaries

E L Doctorow, American author, 80th birthday on 6 January

A J Cronin, Scottish novelist, 30th death anniversary on 6  January

Henry Sinclair Lewis, American writer, 60th death anniversary on 10 January

James Joyce, Irish novelist, 70th death anniversary on 13 January

Rudyard Kipling, British author famous for The Jungle Book, 75th death anniversary on 18 January

Dashiell Hammett, American crime writer, 50th death anniversary on 10 January


Music Anniversaries

George Martin, Beatles producer, 85th birth anniversary on 3 January

Alexander Gretchaninov, Russian composer, 55th death anniversary on 3 January

Alfred Brendel, Anglo-Austrian pianist, 80th birthday on 5 January

Lola Montez, Irish dancer and adventurer, 150th death anniversary on 17 January

Anna Pavlova, Russian ballerina, 80th death anniversary on 23 January

Roy Eldridge, American jazz trumpeter,100th birth anniversary on 30 January

History Anniversaries

Charles II crowned King of Scotland, 360th anniversary on 1 January

Death of Edward the Confessor, 945 th anniversary on 5 January

Coco Chanel, French fashion designer, 40th death anniversary on 10 January

Lebrecht Music September Newsletter 2010

September marks the end of a sumptious summer full of music festivals covering every kind of music – and Lebrecht’s photographers have been out there, busy shooting festivals in the UK and abroad – from Edinburgh to Henley, from Switzerland to Russia. These photos give context and atmosphere as well as actual production shots of a few of them.

Hop Farm Festival
Our newest photographer Simon Jay Price was in Kent covering the festival, where Bob Dylan headlined.

Bob Dylan performing at the Hop Farm Festival

Debbie Harry of Blondie performing at the Hop Farm Festival


Edinburgh International Festival

Birds with Sky Mirrors by MAU photo - Steve Black #166354

Grupo Corpo photo - Steve Black #166725


Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Fringe in the streets of Edinburgh #165193

Penelope at the Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh photo - Steve Black #164431


Reel to Real: The Movies Musical Show photo - Steve Black #165276


Edinburgh Book Festival

Michael Rosen, children's writer photo - P.Keightley #166711


Nashestvie (Russia) Open Air rock Festival

Dancing to the bands #163690


Brecon Jazz Festival

Enthusiastic audience photo - Kathy de Witt #164113


V Festival, Weston Park, Staffordshire

Paloma Faith performing at the V Festival photo - Ian Yates #167130


Verbier (Switzerland) Music Festival

Yuja Wang relaxes before performance photo - Rodrigo Carrizo Couto #163961


Wychwood Festival

Tamara Schlesinger, band member of 6 Day Riot photo - Paul Tomlins #163490


Glastonbury Festival

Snoop Dogg photo - Steve Black #163417


The Proms, performed at the Royal Albert Hall, have still to reach their annual climax on 11th September at the Last Night of the Proms. Contact pictures@lebrecht for up to the minute photos.

Anniversaries: (find more anniverary photos, paintings and illustrations at
2nd September: Henri Rousseau 100th death anniversary of French naive painter

Our September calendar download picture is by Rousseau – go to and download onto your computer desktop



5th September: Osvaldo Golijov 50th brithday of the Argentinian composer
6th September: Detlev Glanert 50th birthday of the German composer
9th September: Jussi Bjorling 50th death anniversary of the Swedish opera tenor
11th September: D H Lawrence 125th birth anniversary of the British novelist

D H Lawrence #141996

Elizabeth Gaskell #152368


14th September: Luigi Cherubini 250th birth anniversary of the Italian composer
18th September: Joseph Tal 100th birth anniversary of the Israeli composer
18th September: Jimi Hendrix 40th death anniversary of the American rock guitarist
21st September: Arthur Schopenhauer 150th death anniversary of the German philosopher
29th September: Elizabeth Gaskell 200th birth anniversary of the English novelist

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Lebrecht August 2010 Music & Arts Newsletter – new photographer

August Lebrecht Desktop Calendar ready for downloading from click on the purple tab.

Lebrecht Music & Arts are delighted to announce that Rodrigo Carrizo Couto, Spanish photographer and journalist working in Switzerland, has placed his striking and intimate photographs of musicians, singers, film stars and directors with our photo library. This provides Lebrecht with an extra dimension, enabling us to cover European performers as well as those in the English speaking world. Search under Rodrigo Carrizo Couto, on

Jazz musicians include Tori Amos – American pianist and songwriter, Sting – British musician, Solomon Burke – American rock and soul songwriter,Carlos Santana – American guitarist, Paco de Lucia – Spanish flamenco guitarist, Michel Legrand – French composer and conductor, Juliette Greco – French actress and singer.

Tori Amos - American pianist and songwriter

Sting - British musician

Carlos Santana - American guitarist


Michel Legrand - French composer and conductor

Juliette Greco - French actress and singer


His coverage takes in the annual Montreux Jazz Festival, founded in 1967 and one of the most prestigious in Europe; it is held annually in early July on the shores of Lake Geneva.

Classical musicians include Yuja Wang – Chinese pianist, Martha Argerich – Argentinian pianist, Gidon Kremer – Russian violinist, Evgeny Kissin and Michael Tilson-Thomas, Danielle Gatti – Italian conductor, Sol Gabetta, Lang Lang -Chinese pianist, Rodion Shchedrin. Many of these musicians regularly take part in the Verbier summer music festival to enjoy music in the relaxed mountain atmosphere .

Yuja Wang - Chinese pianist

Martha Argerich - Argentinian pianist


Lang Lang -Chinese pianist

Michael Tilson-Thomas


Film stars and film directors include Anthony Hopkins – British actor, Christian Slater and Spanish film director Carlos Salva.

Anthony Hopkins - British actor

Spanish film director Carlos Salva



13 August – Florence Nightingale’s 100th death anniversary – British nurse active in caring for soldiers in the Crimean War
14 August – Sarah Brightman’s 50th birthday – British star of Phantom of the Opera
21 August – Leon Trotsky’s 70th assasination anniversary
23 August – Oscar Hammerstein II’s 50th anniversary of his death – American librettist and lyricist of famous Broadway musicals such as South Pacific

Florence Nightingale

Leon Trotsky

South Pacific


5 September – Osvaldo Golijov 50th birthday of Argentinian composer
7 September – start of the London Blitz 70th anniversary
11 September – D H Lawrence 125th anniversary of British novelist

Osvaldo Golijov

St Paul's Cathedral

D H Lawrence


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Lebrecht Authors June Newsletter – Horst Tappe

All the iconic photographic portraits by the renowned photographer Horst Tappe can now be found on the Lebrecht Author Pictures website at and also at our main website address This archive is a record of the cultural innovators of the mid to late twentieth century civilisation.

From the 1960s onwards, painters, actors, writers, musicians and heads of state succeeded one another in front of his Hasselblad lens. His work has been represented for many years by the Lebrecht Photo Library but we are now privileged to be given unqiue access to all his work (nearly 1500 images online) by the Tappe Foundation.

His strongest images include portraits of world famous painters: André Masson, Marino Marini, Friedensreich Hundertwasser, Jean Arp, Oskar Kokoschka, Marc Chagall, Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali, Otto Dix

Marc Chagall

Pablo Picasso


Salvador Dali

Otto Dix


International actors Omar Sharif, Terence Stamp , Rod Steiger, Anthony Quinn, Peter O’Toole, Jules Dassin, Charlie Chaplin, Sophia Loren, Oliver Reed, Charles Bronson.

Sophia Loren

Oliver Reed

Charles Bronson


Renowned playwrights Arnold Wesker, J B Priestley, Harold Pinter, Noel Coward, Jean Anouilh.

Noel Coward

Jean Anouilh


The widest group of subjects that he photographed are novelists and writers. To bring an author to life is one of the hardest tasks for a photographer because they are people who create a vivid world on paper yet work alone and everything they do is internal . Authors include Rebecca West, Gore Vidal, Jean Vautrin, Abraham Yehoshua, Philip Toynbee, Grete Weil, Ruth Rendell, Colm Toibin, Jorg Steiner, Wole Soyinka, Susan Sontag, Vladimir Nabokov, Georges Simenon, Ian Fleming, orchestra conductors Pierre Boulez, Igor Stravinsky.

Vladimir Nabokov catching butterflies

Vladimir Nabokov on the terrace of the Montreux Palace Hotel


Georges Simenon

Ian Fleming


Philosophers such as Arthur Koestler, Alain Finkielkraut, Jean Piaget.

Alain Finkielkraut

Jean Piaget


There are many other creators and innovators in the humanities including psychiatrists Walter Vogt, Leopold Szondi, R D Laing, choreographer Maurice Bejart, Katia Mann wife of the writer Thomas Mann, geologist Haroun Tazieff to name just a few. Search for more under -Tappe – on our website addresses at or

R D Laing

Maurice Bejart


Born in 1938 in Westphalia, Germany, Horst Tappe attended the School of Experimental Photography near Frankfurt after an apprenticeship at the traditional photographic workshop of Martha Hoepffner. He then continued his training at the Vevey School of Photography in Switzerland, obtaining a maîtrise fédérale, a professional specialist qualification. His meeting with Gertrude Fehr played a decisive role in defining his photographic style. Horst Tappe exhibited in many cities in Europe and the United States. Many museums worldwide display his work. From 1965 he was based in Montreux, Switzerland. Horst Tappe always sought to find the true person who inhabited the face he was photographing, his aim was to create the intimate reality of his subject. Behind each of his portraits is the story of a meeting or a friendship.

We finally met face to face at the railway station at Montreux over 11 years ago. As we sipped drinks on the terrace of the Montreux Palace Hotel Horst Tappe told me how he first met Vladimir Nabokov when he used to stay at that magnificent art decco hotel while writing his later novels. Horst not only photographed the world-renowned author of Lolita at work but also captured him on the Swiss mountain slopes catching butterflies. Many of his photographs have similar fascinating stories behind them.



Robert Schumann, German composer, 200th birth anniversary on 8th June.

Joseph-Michel Montgolfier, French inventor of the montgolfière hot air balloon, birth anniversary on 26th June.

Robert Schumann

Robert Schumann


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Lebrecht April 2010 Newsletter – Stage and Screen

Theatrical nostalgia is the flavour of this month for everyone at Lebrecht. We are very honoured to announce that we now represent the Gwen Watford collection of actors and actresses. This collection spans the late 19th century through to the 1950s and covers English, French, German and American stars of the stage. The great English actors are all covered in this unique archive: John Gielgud, Edith Evans, Laurence Olivier, Matheson Lang, John Barrymore, Peggy Ashcroft, Sybil Thorndike, Ralph Richardson, Donald Sinden, Coral Browne, Abraham Sofaer. This archive joins the extensive coverage that we already have of early and late twentieth century international actors.

Gwen Watford was a world class English actress famous for her film and stage roles. Her debut film role was Lady Usher in The Fall of the House of Usher (1949). Notable stage roles included Ugo Betti’s The Queen and the Rebels at the Haymarket, London in 1955, Schiller’s Mary Stuart at the Old Vic Theatre, Christopher Hampton’s When Did You Last See My Mother? (1966) at the Royal Court Theatre, London, Noel Coward’s Present Laughter at the Vaudeville Theatre and she won a SWET award for her performance as the managerial secretary to Donald Sinden’s matinee idol. She was awarded the Laurence Olivier Theatre Award in 1982. She also appeared in the early days of television drama when superb writers like David Mercer, James Saunders, David Hare, Willis Hall, Hugh Leonard and Roy Minton were supplying the tv scripts and the actors were performing ‘live’ so that the tension of the theatre was almost replicated on the television screens at home. As well as being nominated in 1969, Gwen Watford was the winner of the Best Actress award at the BAFTAs in 1958 and 1965.

Godfrey MacDomnic

We have also received some more fabulous photos from the archives of our classic b/w photographers. Godfrey MacDomnic, British photographer, whose iconic Leonard Bernstein photo appeared on the London underground last autumn, has given us more of his work from when he was at EMI in the late 1950s through to the 1970s – Sviatoslav Richter, Alexander Gibson, George Szell, Hans Rosbaud, Ferenc Fricsay, Leonid Kogan – all the great musicians of this period.

Marion Kalter

Marion Kalter, French-American photographer, has worked in the European music world for many years. Her subjects include the American composers John Cage, George Crumb and Lukas Foss, German composer Jorg Widmann, Argentinian composer Maurizio Kagel, and she also covers Salzburg Festival opera productions.